Reasons Your Sprinkler System May Not Be Working

Sprinkler Repair in Winter Garden, FLIs your sprinkler not working? Here are a few reasons why your system may have stopped functioning correctly:

The Sprinkler is Off – Have you made sure that your sprinkler system is on? If the weather has not been good for your sprinkler or you are just coming out of a rainy season, check any direct connections to make sure you turn your system back on before contacting a professional.

Parts Failure – Whether the pump has stopped working or you are not getting the proper power to the sprinkler system, a problem with individual components could be the reason why they will not work correctly. Maintaining your sprinkler system is essential. With regular maintenance, you can spot issues before they become a more significant problem.

Broken Sprinkler Heads – From being accidentally mowed down to just wearing out over time, sprinkler heads will break and stop working properly. Instead of letting the water pool up on the ground, you should have the heads repaired to stop water damage to your landscape.

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