Proper Irrigation Techniques in Florida

Sprinkler Repair in Winter Garden, FLKeeping your landscape lush and green all year long is vital for business owners. Having a beautiful landscape makes a good impression on clients and competitors, letting people know that you care about every detail. One way to ensure the grass is green is to employ proper irrigation techniques.

Watering your landscape first thing in the morning is the best for Florida landscapes. When you use your sprinkler early in the day, you can rest assured that the grass and plants will actually benefit from the water it receives. If you water your landscape too late into the day, then you risk the water evaporating before it reaches the grassroots. Furthermore, the water can heat up on hot days during the summer and effectively burn your plants to death. When you water first thing in the morning, you should only allow about a half inch of water per application.

Count on the team at Millenium Ground & Waters to assist you with your irrigation system. You can contact us when you need a new system installed. We are also the company to call when you need a sprinkler repair in Winter Garden, FL.  We will take a look at your system to confirm it is working correctly.