Pest-Resistant Grass for Your Landscape

Winter Garden LandscapingTaking care of your landscape is vital for business owners. It lets people know that your company pays attention to details and makes a good impression on customers. When updating your landscape, you should be aware of how pests may affect your grass.

The team at Millennium Ground & Waters recommends investing in pest-resistant grass for your landscape. For decades, scientists have been working in labs, as well as in the field, to develop grass that looks good. During this time, pest resistance was an afterthought. Modern grass breeders are now attempting to develop grasses that are resistant to nematodes, chinch bugs, and other pests you may find in Florida. Before you choose grass for your business landscape, you should see what pests are common in the area and select an option that will not be affected by these troublemakers.

Ensure that your landscape looks magnificent when you select Winter Garden landscaping services from the team at Millennium Ground & Waters. In addition to design and maintenance services, we are known for restoring grass, providing custom fertilization services, and repairing irrigation systems. Call us at (407) 347-5980 or send an email to to ask any questions about the services we provide.