Keeping Your Grass Green Through Irrigation – Landscaping in Winter Garden, FL

Making sure that your landscape is adequately hydrated at all times is essential when you live in Florida. As a business owner who cares about their grass, you want to do what you can to guarantee that it gets the right amount of water to stay lush and green. The team at Millennium Grounds & Waters, the specialists you count on when you need help with landscaping in Winter Garden, FL, are ready and willing to assist you with your grass.

One of the essential things you can do when you are seeking an irrigation system is to hire a team who is able to handle the installation efficiently. In addition to providing landscaping in Winter Garden, FL, our business provides both installation and repair services for your needs. When you hire us to install your system, we will take the time to speak to you or take a look at your existing account to ensure that the system is covering every spot on the lawn.

If you already have a system installed, you should take the time to see if everything is working correctly. Look at your grass and see if there are any brown spots located near sprinkler heads. You can place receptacles, such as plastic food storage containers, around your landscape and let the system run for a while. While you let it run, take a look at each sprinkler head to see if they are working. Once you turn it off, you should measure the water captured by the containers. If some of them are empty or others have too much water in them, then your system may not be dispersing water properly.

Rest assured that your grass looks great and your irrigation system is working properly when you hire the team at Millennium Grounds & Water. Not only can we improve your landscaping in Winter Garden, FL, but our specialists can also help you with the restoration of your traffic areas, maintain your landscape, or start a custom fertilization process explicitly formulated for your landscape. Call us today at (407) 347-5980 to speak with a member of our staff and ask questions about our exceptional services.