Custom Fertilization Programs in Winter Garden, FL

Your lawn and landscape play a prominent role in the attractiveness of your property. An unhealthy landscape can turn an otherwise beautiful building into something that looks old, worn-down, or just plain unwelcoming. Count on the team at Millennium Grounds & Waters for commercial landscaping in Winter Garden, FL. Our professionals perform custom fertilization to beautify your lawn, as well as pest and weed control assistance to take it to the next level.

As your grounds management company, we are able to provide an assortment of herbicide programs, pesticide programs, and custom fertilization programs. When you choose our lawn service in Winter Garden, FL, you will take control of your landscape. With our help, you can achieve the most vibrant, green, and lush lawn possible. This will set your exterior appearance apart from your competitors. Read more about our services and hire us for lawn maintenance in Winter Garden, FL, today.

Custom Fertilization Programs for Your Yard

Using the University of Florida’s Industry Best Practices, our team is ready to customize a fertilization and pest program to meet the specific needs of your property. Typical fertilization and pest control programs use only liquid applications 8-12 times per year.

At our grounds management company, however, we provide 3-4 granular base applications instead. We also spot treat and apply liquid fertilization three times per year and pest control as needed during each visit. This enables us to create a beautiful, healthy environmental appearance for you, your tenants, your employees, or your clients to enjoy all year long.

Stop Bugs with Our Pesticide Programs

Pests in your yard can cause two types of issues. The first is that they can destroy the lush flora of your property by eating away at it. That means all of the hard work you have put into creating an eye-catching landscape will be for not if you do not keep these pests at bay. Second, these bugs can eventually move from your yard and into your property, causing infestations.

Don’t let these pests get a foothold on your property by ensuring you are treating your lawn with our pesticide programs. We use the finest in materials to stop pests from calling your lawn their home.

Keep Away Weeds with Our Herbicide Programs

Not all growth in your yard is wanted. When weeds begin to invade, they can drain the life out of the greenery you want to survive while bringing down the overall appearance of your landscape. Take care of these problem weeds with the help of our herbicide programs.

We are able to target the problem areas on your lawn to ensure that the good flora you want to keep continues to grow while weeds and other unwanted growths are kept off your property. A better looking lawn is easy to attain when you work with our professionals.

Contact us for more details about the different programs we have available for your commercial landscape. We provide the finest fertilizes, pesticide, and herbicide programs for clients located in the Central Florida area, including Seminole, Lake, and Osceola counties.