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Wear Tolerance and Your Landscape

Landscape Maintenance in Winter Garden, FLAs a Floridian, you know how easy it is to damage your grass. It is essential that you train your landscape to withstand any wear, whether it is being affected by droughts or people walking on your turf. This process is known as building the wear tolerance of your landscape.

The easiest way to increase the wear tolerance of your grass is to let it grow. As a dedicated business owner, you want to ensure that your landscape looks great at all times. Letting your grass grow helps build tolerance because it reduces shoot injuries. When your grass has time to heal after it has been mowed, it allows the roots to get deeper in the ground. When the roots go deeper, the grass will be less stressed each time it is mowed.

Another way to increase wear tolerance is to use your sprinklers less. When you only run your system at signs of browning or during drought times, you force your grassroots to go deeper in the ground in search for water.

Invest in your landscape today when you work with the team at Millennium Ground & Waters. Our staff is available to provide you with landscape maintenance in Winter Garden, FL, as well as surrounding areas.

Pest-Resistant Grass for Your Landscape

Winter Garden LandscapingTaking care of your landscape is vital for business owners. It lets people know that your company pays attention to details and makes a good impression on customers. When updating your landscape, you should be aware of how pests may affect your grass.

The team at Millennium Ground & Waters recommends investing in pest-resistant grass for your landscape. For decades, scientists have been working in labs, as well as in the field, to develop grass that looks good. During this time, pest resistance was an afterthought. Modern grass breeders are now attempting to develop grasses that are resistant to nematodes, chinch bugs, and other pests you may find in Florida. Before you choose grass for your business landscape, you should see what pests are common in the area and select an option that will not be affected by these troublemakers.

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